The Best Studio Microphones For Recording Vocals

The Best Studio Microphones For Recording Vocals
The best vocal microphones come in various shapes, sizes, and types. Compound that with the unbelievable amount of bad info out there and it’s no wonder people aren’t sure what they should be looking for. There is a truth to the matter and we’re going to break it down for you simply and clearly. Then we’ll offer some recommendations of both main types of mics in various budget ranges so you can get what you need and move on with recording!

Condenser Microphones

You’re not going to go wrong with a condenser for vocals of any kind.  They’ll provide the sensitivity you want to hear all of the subtle details in your performance.  They’ll record all the sounds you don’t want sneaking in too!  So make sure you’re controlling your environment like cutting off the air conditioner, etc.  They are that good!

Word of warning.  There a lot of very cheap condensers out there for as low as $25 that look very professional on the surface.  Don’t even bother with that nonsense.  Our first recommendation is as low as you should go if you want to achieve professional quality.

Dynamic Microphones

Dynamics are equally capable of producing professional quality vocals.  As a matter of fact, one of my all time favorite mics is shown below and is an industry standard for radio personalities where it’s 100% about their voices.  Dynamics typically are more durable and used on stage or in live arenas and can handle higher SPLs than condensers.  They also don’t need phantom power for a tube, because there is no tube.


The best microphone for recording vocals often ends up being among the best recording microphones period.  At this level most mics are universal in their ability to faithfully capture and reproduce an audio signal that is pleasing to the listener.  It ends up boiling down to your budget and preference more than anything else.  Our reviews here narrow the selection for you so it’s not an overwhelming task.  Fortunately these days mics are now priced where home studios can use the same options as the big professional studios.  While you’ll still need to make sure every piece of your signal chain matches the big studios, the starting point is most definitely the best vocal microphones.

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