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Often times your favorite celebrity is being praised for his or her  appearance.  After all, they are certainly people who, too, deserve recognition if  they  are excelling in their respective fields. To maximize this exposure, they  are expected  to show  their faces and  promote their  brands during  interviews,  black­tie affairs and  panels, among many  other events.

The saying “it takes a village” applies perfectly when it comes to your faves glam squad, the group that consists of makeup artists (yes, for  men  too.), hairstylists/barbers and most importantly, stylists. Being a stylist is no small feat! Outsiders looking in probably assume these individuals simply go to department stores and boutiques to choose every trendy item in sight and dress their clients. However,  this is just  partly true.

In addition to differentiating between ugly and cute, stylists have  to  actually  be familiar with fabric and the exact way each chosen item should fit. If a male client needs a tailored, wool  suit,  the stylist  cannot  solely rely on her  knowledge of  how an Italian cotton suit  would fit.  Similarly,  if  a female client needs denim culottes, the stylist  cannot  use the fit of  cigarette pants as a reference.

Another key to being a great  stylist  is exclusivity.  One of  a kind designer  items are not just  found in a department store.  With that  in mind,  obtaining clothing is a task in itself. To make this step as seamless as possible, a stylist has to have credibility. Meaning one should have a known and respected portfolio to borrow clothing. This happens first by crawling  before walking,  nurturing  relationships and  networking with  the appropriate individuals.

In honor of Women’s History Month, I’ve listed five bomb female stylists (in no particular  order)  that  you should definitely know.

  1. June Ambrose

June’s resumé dates back to the 90s when she designed the iconic, leather suit that resembled a trash bag for Missy Elliott’s “The Rain,” convinced Diddy and Mase to wear  shiny suits in “Mo’  Money,  Mo’  Problems,” and styled the cast  of Belly.

Among many others, her clientele includes Jay­Z,  Mary J.  Blige and Mariah Carey. In 2011, June earned  “the biggest  styling gig of  [her]  career” when  she was chosen to style 17 contestant’s of  Simon  Cowell’s talent  contest,  The X Factor.  June continued to mainstream her company, Modé Squad, in 2012 with her Vh1 docu­ series,  Styled By  June,  where she revamped the wardrobes of  celebrities who  were in desperate need  of  change ranging from Trina to Mischa Barton.  June continues   to keep  her  loyal  followers and  growing clientele enthralled with her “Juniverse.”

  1. Marni Senofonte

As told to Niki McGloster  of  Vibe Vixen,  Marni  Senofonte credits her  beginning as a  stylist  to  Misa  Hylton Brim.  While Marni  was working at  Norma Somali,  Misa was a pregnant stylist who frequented the store and needed help with clients such as R&B girl group, Total. Since then Marni has gone on to work with notable clients including Nas, Salt­N­Pepa, Lauryn Hill and many more. One of her most notable, long term  clients is Beyoncé  Giselle  Knowles Carter.  Marni  was  the  stylist  chosen to work with both Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj for the Feeling Myself video last year. Recently, she styled  Beyoncé  and  her  dancers for  the Formation  music  video  and Super  Bowl  50  halftime show.  Marni  is a free spirited,  layering goddess who  will not  slow down anytime soon.

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