TVM: How did Jagged Row come together?

Jaci: Originally, I was a solo artist and I was kind of going the pop route. I had gotten a backup band together and Matt became the lead guitarist. He and I are the original mem- bers. We began writing music together and just had good chemistry! How we met Matt was actually because we were appraising our house and his dad was the appraiser. He was like ‘Oh my son plays guitar!’ and it just kind of fell into place once we met and realized our chemistry together.

TVM: So did you meet your other band members before or after?
Jaci: We met them after but because we were so young when we started out, they had a change of heart and realized they didn’t want to work in the industry after all. Our two newest guys in the band, Josh and Landon, were found through mutual friends on Facebook.

TVM: How was the band name created?

Jaci: We used to be called ‘Jaci and Those Guys’. Originally, I was a solo artist but when we switched over to a band, we kept the name. People still thought I was solo at that point though, so we decided to get a band name. We took ‘Jaci and Those Guys’ and created ‘JAG’ but it was weird so we decid- ed on ‘Jagged’. Then, the hometown where the band was started is called ‘Rowlette’. We took Row from that and made ‘Jagged Row’.

TVM: How would you guys describe your overall musical style and for you, your vo- cals?
Jaci: We kind of created our own genre- we like to call it Jagged Rock. If someone asked what our genre was, I’d say pop/rock. Our influences are kind of like a bridge between classic rock and modern day rock. My vocal influences range from Gwen Stefani to Ste- ven Tyler…to Michael Jackson and Bon Jovi.

TVM: So officially, you guys have three al- bums out now right? Do you feel like your sound has changed a lot between each one?Jaci: Um, I think so definitely. We were all pretty young during the first album ‘Storm of Dreams’ and I think we were really just trying to find our own original sound. In ‘Night and Day’ we got a little closer but it was in ‘Back Again’ that we really kind of established what kind of band we want to be. Right now, we’re actually working on a fourth album/EP. Over the past albums, we’ve definitely come to know ourselves as musicians and a band better!

TVM: I read that you guys were in a Battle of The Bands. How did you guys come to enter the competition and why?
Jaci: I actually heard about the competition through ReverbNation. We are always look- ing for ways to connect with more people so it was an awesome opportunity to get our name out more and meet more people in the business that could help mentor us and get us where we really wanted to be in the career

TVM: You guys have toured with a lot of other big names like ‘Finger Eleven’. What was it like to experience sharing a stage with them?

Jaci: We opened for Hanson and got that op- portunity by winning a Battle of the Bands at House of Blues. That was just one of the priz- es and that was awesome! Getting to play with ‘Bowling for Soup’ was also a prize from winning a Battle of the Bands! Finger Elev- en came to town to play at the State Fair of Texas and so we got to open for them, which was incredible!

TVM: How do you guys usually prepare for a show and how do you like to warm up your voice?
Jaci: A performance day is definitely not a typical day. We like to rest up a lot and I usu- ally warm up about an hour before the show. I have some vocal warm-ups on my phone. The guys usually like to practice a bit on their guitars. For Josh, it’s harder for him because he has a whole drum kit but he does it too. We usually stretch and stuff to make sure we don’t pull anything on stage and um, we usu- ally try to eat very light as well (laughs).

TVM: So there’s a lot of things that experts say can ruin your voice like alcohol or smok- ing or certain things that are bad or good to eat…do you agree with that?

Jaci: Yes, we definitely do! It’s kind of our motto as a band. There’s such a stigma about rock music and how there’s the whole ‘sex, drugs and rock and roll’. We believe rock mu- sic can be the same high-energy genre with- out the use of drugs and alcohol. None of us do that!

TVM: So many bands fall because of sub- stance abuse, it’s incredible! Even if the band stays together, it could still ruin your voice right?

Jaci: Exactly! That’s a huge thing with me, being a singer. That stuff would just trash your voice.

TVM: How do you guys usually go about writing music together?
Jaci: It usually just depends on certain thing. Matt and I usually right the music and lyrics and everything. Matt for the majority of the time will come up with some music on the guitar and show me. Then we start getting a melody and lyrics. Then finally we sit down with the rest of the band and each work on our own parts. It’s really just an all-work-to- gether process once Matt and I work on the basis.

TVM: Do you yourself play any instruments?

Jaci: I play the piano and the keys on stage sometimes. I also play a little bit of the gui- tar but I wouldn’t call myself a guitar player (laughs)

TVM: Did you learn the piano just recent- ly or was it something that grew with your singing?
Jaci: I’ve been singing since I was about three and playing the guitar since I was seven. I’ve been playing for a while now and it’s really fun to be able to throw that into our music.

TVM: Out of all the tours and shows you guys have done, what are some really mem- orable moments that you’ve had on stage?Jaci: I think one of our favorite places to play is the State Fair of Texas because it’s held in our home town of Dallas. It’s awesome to play in your hometown and also, It’s a great opportunity!

TVM: Is there anywhere that you guys really want to go or a show you really want to do?Jaci: Um, we would absolutely love to play House of Blues again. It’d be great to do some kind of House of Blues tour one day! And we’d love to come to Canada (laughs)


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