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The Colombian singer, Shakira, had been working on her new Tour “El Dorado”, which was supposed to launch on November 8 with the first concert in Germany. However, unfortunately this morning she communicated through her webpage and Instagram account an emotional and moving letter to her fans and all the people following her Tour.

At the beginning of July, the singer had a usual medical check on her vocal cords, and even though everything seemed to be healthy, this October, at the final end of her rehearsals for her upcoming Tour, she started to feel the symptoms of Vocal Strain. When she attended to the doctor, she was informed that she had an hemorrhage on her right vocal cord, which was dangerous in the case that she continued with her performance activities. Shakira went on vocal rest and treatment, hoping to heal before the first date of the concert. Nevertheless, her voice is not fully recovered at all and she had to cancel several concerts of the beginning of the Tour. She was feeling heartbroken, as she expressed, and also very thankful with all of her fans that have showed her their support.


What is a Vocal Hemorrhage? What are the causes? How to avoid it?

Vocal folds are called “folds” because they are not just strings, or cords of tissue. They are many layers and contain very fine blood vessels within them. When the voice is used forcefully, the delicate blood vessels in the vocal cord may burst open, and leak blood into the vocal cord. Forceful voice use can include:

  • singing incorrectly
  • singing in poor environments
  • throat clearing
  • coughing
  • shouting

After a short time, this leakage stops but the blood remains in the vocal cord.

The symptoms of a vocal hemorrhage vary according to your vocal demands.

  • Hearing a flutter in your voice
  • Moderate-severe hoarseness in your voice
  • Significantly decreased range (no longer hitting higher notes easily)
  • Inability to sing quietly
  • Inability to hold a pitch steady
  • Neck pain


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