Vocal Diva 101


The word “diva” can often have a negative connotation, but that doesn’t have to be the case -says Jenn Bostic.

As an artist you are your brand, and how you act on and off stage plays a very important role in your success.

Your Music Team


Deal kindly with all the people involved in making your performance successful need to be appreciated. Don’t bark at the sound engineer if your monitor isn’t perfect, kindly ask for the changes you’d like, and make sure to find out his or her name and thank them during the show.

I had the privilege of opening for Country / Rock artist Christian Kane in the United Kingdom a few years ago. I will never forget how nice he was to everyone at the venue. The tour was set up by a team of people, so I met him for the first time about 10 minutes before going on stage. He stepped out before me and introduced me to his fans saying I was like a “little sister” to him and that they were going to love me. He used his influence to positively affect my performance, as well as the touring experience. I wont forget that as long as I live.

Your Fans


Never forget that your career wouldn’t exist without your fans. My most well-known song Jealous of the Angels was sent to a radio station in England by a woman named Tracey Harlow. I had no idea that she was sending it and the two of us hadn’t met before, however the email she sent was the first step in making that song go #1 on the iTunes singer-songwriter charts in the UK.

Spend time talking to people and autographing your merchandise after the show. With social media taking over the world the way it has, be true to your brand online and in person. Be approachable and take time to hear the stories people want to share. That being said, it is important to set healthy boundaries and often times having someone around to help monitor your time with fans, whether it be a manager or friend, isn’t a bad idea. Make sure to take care of yourself physically and mentally. You are at your best and give the best performance when you’re healthy inside and out.

Your Venue


My last bit of advice is never to be too proud to play anywhere. Some of the most amazing moments I’ve had connecting with an audience have been in the most unexpected places. While whatever deal you negotiate with a venue should make sense for both parties, don’t let your ego get in the way of a potentially beautiful opportunity.

I remember arriving in Northern Ireland for the first time ever, and having a friend ask me to perform a few songs at someone’s home who I had never met. It wasn’t a paid opportunity, however I chose to see it as a chance to connect with people in a new country. This family has since become some of the dearest, most supportive friends I have.

Jenn Bostic Bio

Jenn Bostic is a singer songwriter who’s hit song “Jealous of the Angels” is making an impact worldwide. She won five Independent Country Music Association Awards, including Overall Winner, Best Female Country Artist, Best Musician, Best Songwriter and Country Music Song of the Year. Jenn’s new album “Faithful” is now available worldwide on iTunes and Amazon.

Website | iTunes US | iTunes UK | Amazon US | Amazon UK


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