Essential Social Media Marketing Tips for Singers & Bands

Susanne Currid is a marketing & social media con- sultant, trainer, social media speaker, and author in the UK. She offers advice to individuals seeking the success that leads to sold out performances. Social media has become a vital new opportunity to spread the word about that great new singer who, thus far, only performs locally and increase their fan base. Record companies or key personalities, tend to take notice of individuals who put themselves out there and are visible… does Justin Bieber sound familiar to anyone?

Be Easy to find…your first priority should be to make sure you fans are able to easily find you on social media. Ensure that you have, at bear mini- mum, a Facebook and Twitter account that links to your website, SoundCloud, blog, MySpace profile, Pinterest, and or Instagram that provides your au- dience with more, constantly updated information and images about you and your music. Apparently, Twitter and Facebook profiles achieve high visibility in search engine results, so having profiles on those sites increases your chances of people…perhaps the right people, finding you.

Connect with your should be trying to encourage your fans to like your Facebook (FB) page, which is a great opportunity to stay con- nected. Pages that you like on FB automatically show up on each individual’s news feed. Your audience is provided with constant breaking news about you. Also, there is a way for artists to connect their FB and Twitter so a person does not necessarily have to sub- scribe to that artists Twitter page. An incentive, you may want to consider, is to allow fans to listen to a special track in exchange for their support, aka a like on FB.

Be Constant & Stay Authentic...essentially, don’t just post/tweet to your fans when you have something to promote/sell to them. Consider this; if people only talk to you when they want some- thing, it’s not a total surprise when your relationship is nonexistent. If you keep it real with your fans on a regular basis, let them know more about you, ask to know more about them, basically nurture a real rela- tionship with them, you will build loyalty that could last a lifetime.

Increase Post Quality…put your individuality on display by sharing who you are and what mat- ters to you. Let your fans know that you are a real person, just like they are in order to further connect with them.

Connect with Influencers...make sure you are cognoscente of the top music journalists, television personalities, and twitter friendly bloggers who influence the audience you are trying to reach and connect with them via social media. It is much easier to begin a relationship with them on Twitter by retweeting their content. Be creative!. Maybe add a supportive catchy comment to the post of that influential personality that integrates/promotes a current project of yours.

Build Buzz...take advantage of the wonder- ful opportunity to promote all things about you and post something to start building the hype surround- ing the upcoming release of your single, album, per- formance at a great new venue, fragrance launch, etc. Remember, your FB postings or tweets show up on the news feeds of your audience. Make sure you post at various times throughout the day with fresh news

and exclusives to keep that fire burning.

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