Spotlight: Manager Ebonie Ward on Elevating the Vision Behind Hip-Hop Acts Like Future & Gunna


The best advice I’ve received is something that Future told me: “It gets better, so don’t get too comfortable.” The moment you become satisfied with anything in life, that’s all you’ll ever have. Always strive for more, because ego is a killer!

I knew I was committed to music when I gave everything up. I left my store and sacrificed everything for something that I knew was going to be bigger than me.

Dealing with musicians you have to have a certain level of patience. Their minds deal with art first, not emotion. That will always come first.

Something most people don’t understand is that this is not as easy as it looks! When people see someone doing something [successful], they think they can do the same. But do it in your own way.

A good idea is something that you created — not from what you stole from someone else. There aren’t any dumb ideas, just people dumb enough to think their ideas aren’t good enough. Don’t be afraid to do things your own way and allow people to follow. Another quote that I love from Oprah is, “In order to be a queen, you have to be a leader. You have to be a wolf, not a sheep.” That’s one of the biggest things I live by.

I never had a problem, I always had a resolution. I’ve never been afraid to stay an extra hour to get the work done. I can handle anything, and that’s what any strong manager should possess. 

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