My 5 Essentials for a Great Singing Gig by greg barker


Some of you are going to disagree and some of you may even taunt me!  But I have to stand by my top 5 choices for the items I will never leave home without.  You see, I sing and play with different bands each week in large and small venues, so I know what works for me when the pressure’s on.

1. Etymotics ER-15 custom earplugs
I can hear the taunts from the cheap seats now, but I steadfastly stand by my use of plugs. I sing in pubs and banquet halls where the stage, if there is one, is tiny and a crash cymbal or a PA speaker can be too close for comfort. They help to make absolutely sure I hear my voice and don’t strain no matter how loud the band gets. The only drawback is that you have to be careful not to play louder as a result; I usually watch that people aren’t leaning over the table to converse and that they’re smiling as they dance. Later in the night, all bets are off and the volume goes up but I can still hear my singing clearly.

2. VoiceTone Harmony-G
This will sound like a shameless plug for our products (you know I work for the company right?) but it’s not. As I’m singing in gigs up to three times a week, Harmony-G ensures that the sound of my voice is “killer” at all times. Singing would feel odd if I didn’t have my Tone button, my preferred FX setting (Echo#3) and the harmonies. I figure that when done right, the whole package of good players, good songs and great vocals add up to a huge cohesive whole. My Harmony-G sits under my left foot while to my right is my guitar effects pedal-board. I’m getting pretty good at punching harmony lines in and out without even looking at it.

3. Glass of Water
It sounds basic but I can’t do without a huge glass of water (no ice) beside my pint of beer at gigs. Howls will be heard from some who think this is unprofessional but where I play, it’s fun and it’s expected. The same goes for drinking beer onstage! When I started my original band, I realized that, as Harmony-G and I were the only singers, I had to make sure I could sing 3 sets of material without losing my voice. With the water/beer combination, I get throat care while playing music and joining in with my friends. I start drinking water in the afternoon so I’m ready at 9 to sing. I’ve only started doing this in the last few years and I wish I’d discovered it sooner – there would have been fewer embarrassed croaks as the night wound on.

4. Lyrics Book
I’m reluctant to admit it, but I do bring my lyrics book to the gig. It’s placed on a stand with a light and I sometimes have to leaf through it while another band member distracts the audience. I always thought this was the height of cheesiness: “It’s just not a rock show with a music stand”, but now here I am doing it! I think I’ll make a New Year’s resolution to put in the extra effort and memorize all my lyrics, though the one most impressed will likely only be me.

5. My Odds & Ends Bag
This bag includes a small flashlight, an all-in-one tool, a short 6’ mic cable from my SM-58 to Harmony-G and an ancient packet of Thayers singers’ lozenges (  just in case I’m singing with a cold and my water regimen isn’t enough.


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