What To Eat Before You Sing


By Judy
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What To Eat Before You Sing
What to eat before you sing. Here are some almost universally helpful things you can eat and drink (again if you are not allergic to them or have trouble digesting them).

There’s no way to overstate the need to get h2o into your body. You can do this with plain water, watery drinks, or even special hydrating formulations. You need to be getting water in well before you sing, and have some on stage, because moisture is lost from active vocal cords from air moving through the vibrating edges. During performance, I find that a little pineapple juice diluted with lots of water helps with vocal dryness better than the sprays, lozenges and gargles some people recommend.

Eat a light, compact protein.
This can be fish (my fav is salmon), avocado, raw nuts (if they don’t stick in your throat), even eggs (if they don’t cause excess mucous formation). Experiment on days you don’t sing and keep a journal as to what seems to coat your throat too much and what just makes you feel energetic.

A great vegetarian protein meal combines grains and legumes, such as rice, cornbread or whole grain bread and beans or peas.  Hummus contains beans and grains, and is an excellent, quick choice when teamed up with some veggie sticks.

Another very good way to get protein in is a fruit smoothie, best in the morning for those with sluggish digestive systems like mine. I don’t digest fruit well later in the day, so I start my day with a blender full of frozen fruit plus a protein supplement like “Rice Protein” (I like the vanilla flavor) or a whey or soy based product. I add a little juice and water for liquid consistency, and also add liquid vitamin/mineral supplement called “Vibe”.

Eat  fresh and lightly cooked vegetables.
That would mean salads, simple sides, crudites (raw veggie sticks) rock. I love to eat a pre-performance meal of sweet potatoes, salad and a side non-starchy green like asparagus, broccoli, green peas or green beans, often adding one of the proteins I mentioned above.

My pre-performance meal list includes:
Fruit smoothie
Salmon salad
Simple turkey sandwich
Fresh, raw slices of avocado, orange, pineapple and fresh nuts
Oatmeal with banana, pomegranate seeds, grapes and fresh nuts (I make my oatmeal with vanilla soy milk)


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