Artist Services


TVM Artist Services gives independent artists a way to deliver their music to the market place, while maintaining possession of their recordings. We guide artists on a pathway forward and execute a strategy that increases prominence above the humbug in today’s media space.  


At record labels, those appointed to marketing specific artists are Label, Project or Product Managers. Project Managers create and implement the plan for the artists and ensure that the sales and promotion team have all the information and tools to carry out their jobs for the greatest effectiveness. HSF Artist Services acts as a your Label Manager. Like a wedding planner, recognising and endorsing the most efficient and cost-effective business partners are engaged however safeguarding the artist’s creative pathway.

TVM Artist Services assists artists in expressing their dreams and making them realise it, priding our originality, honesty and credibility in both us and our artists. We love building careers and have expertise and relationships with label management, artist development, retail sales, touring, digital sales, marketing, festivals, publicity, radio promotion and more.

Moonfruits – Photo : Jacques Boivin


We offer radio servicing, monitoring and plugging promotional services to Record Companies, Independent Labels or Signed & Unsigned Artists who need a knowledgeable connected partner to push their music to Canadian radio and TV. We service artists’ music to all radio and television stations across Canada, delivering artists with value radio and television promotions along with interviews to ensure artists get the best coverage for their music.


TVM can get your music to media via a number of promotional music distribution services including those used by all major record labels and thousands of independents in more than 45 countries. We use an industry standard monitoring service used by all major record labels and label services, we deliver intelligence direct to artists about their music from local app radio to and major terrestrial radio.


TVM Artist Services work closely with Marketing specialist, offering a dynamic solution to promote artists to the desired target market in the most cutting edge way. TVM tailor strategies to the promotional benefit of artists across strategic social media platforms, promoting artists direct to their fans across social media.